Engineering Innovation introduces LightSort to the Reverse Logistics Industry

Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) announced that it is introducing its LightSort parcel sorting solution to the reverse logistics industry at the RLA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, February 6-8, 2018. Clark Cassell, head of business development, said, “LightSort is a great fit for companies wanting to apply simple and cost effective automation for returns processing.” Engineering Innovation received the 2017 Innovation and Digital Award by the United States Postal Service for the solution.

Eii initially designed LightSort for a consolidator wanting to both increase throughput and reduce errors while sorting lightweight parcels and poly bags for induction to the U.S. Postal Service. The customer also wanted a system that was both flexible and mobile so that changing sorting configurations was quick and easy.

LightSort accomplishes this with a modular sorting rack that features several bin locations outfitted for sacks or shelf stacking. When the sorter scans a barcode on a package, the correct bin destination “lights up.” Guesswork is eliminated and sorters can get the package to the right location every time.

In the returns environment Cassell said, “Like incoming inventory, having a barcode on the return label is the best way to making automation work in Receiving. With LightSort, you scan incoming packages and quickly place them into a rack location for later re-location in the operation. The key is taking out the guesswork, reducing error and rapid sorting.”

The solution’s ease of use begins with quick assembly and intuitive operator training. For operations that have ongoing changes in sorting requirements, racks can be moved around in differing arrangements and bin locations instantly re-designated with new sort plans. Any number of racks can be integrated into a sorting system, and the racks can be designed to handle a large variety of merchandise. Existing racks can also be retrofitted with the technology.

LightSort features a wireless ring scanner that’s integral to the solution’s success. It allows for hands-free operation and barcodes can be sorted from any angle. Another key attribute is the organization of bags into the bin locations. Up to ten bags can be preloaded into each location. When a bag is full, the operator can quickly unhook it, push it out the back and lift the next one into place.

With LightSort, Eii has once again shown that throwing more automation at a problem isn’t always the optimal approach, especially if that automation is prohibitively expensive. LightSort leverages low cost technology, giving operators the opportunity to do their job more quickly with greatly reduced error and less stress.

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