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EZ-Flats Enhanced® Mixed Mail Sorter

Significantly reduce the time and cost of bundle-based mailings.

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The EZ-Flats® Enhanced allows the operator to sort, manifest, and bill from one convenient location. It adds an extra cost-reducing and timesaving function to the EZ-Flats® Essential—the patented Dynamic Sort ™ software/sorting technique and is upgradable to EZ-Flats® Premium and Pro systems.

Dynamic Sort™ identifies the 10th piece as soon as the OCR’s keen eye spots it and then dynamically reassigns a routing destination for the maximum discount. The discount is due to how the USPS provides its discounts. Bundle-based mailings have a much higher discount level due to only requiring 10 pieces, rather than the 90 required for tray-based preparation. This gives your operation a 50% reduction in finalization time.

EZ-Flats Essential full view.


Piggy bank with several golden coins, flat icon.

Cost Effective

Low entry cost and quick ROI.

Bar graph with three bars increasing in height topped with red and white stamps with money signs, flat icon.

Highest Profit Potential

Dynamically reassigns routing designations for the maximum discount.

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System installs easily and operators are up to speed in 15 minutes.


Throughput: 1,500 flats/hour

Min/Max Weight: 0.33 oz. - 70 lb.

Piece Height: 0" - 4"

Piece Lenght: 6" - 15"

Scanner: Handheld or WABCR

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

OCR: Yes