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EZ-Workdesk™ Warehouse Automation Solution

Translate package data for mail stream induction. Capture, Decide, Act!

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Process your parcels with ease with Eii’s EZ-Workdesk. This turnkey solution captures crucial data about each package and communicates it to your business logic. Your throughput will increase as the EZ-Workdesk seamlessly scans the address block and barcodes of a package, captures its weight as well as its length, width, and height, and then generates and prints a label.

Introduced in 2013, the EZ-WorkDesk features IMpb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode) compliance for easy integration into USPS processes and an OCR to capture anyone’s personal chicken scratches and convert it into legible digital information. Up to five separate barcodes can be captured thanks to the nice spread of the Configurable Wide Area Bar Code Reader.

Eii’s EZ-Workdesk leverages its industry leading technology for “reading” mail piece information and pulls data from the 4 major package characteristics: address, dimensions, barcode intelligence, and weight. Software can immediately interpret this package data for labeling, routing, postal documentation, and customer billing.

EZ-WorkDesk full view with Helm software open on the computer monitor.


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The most affordable solution for rapid induction into the USPS® package shipping network.

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The system installs easily and operators are up to speed in 15 minutes.

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Manifesting software enables mixed weight and mixed mail class packages using a permit indicia.


Throughput: 800 parcels/hour

Min/Max Weight: 1 oz. - 70 lb.

Scanner: Handheld or WABCR

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

Label Application: Manual

Scale: Mettler Toledo BC-30

OCR: Yes

Monitor: Touchscreen HP E220T