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EZ-Flats Premium® Manifesting System

Earn the maximum discounts on presorted First Class Flats

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EZ-Flats® Premium is what it claims to be. It’s your premium solution which produces bundle-based First-Class mail automation, giving you maximum discounts more economically than other sorting systems. The easy operation allows for first time operators to literally and figuratively get up to speed in 15 minutes with a typical throughput of 1400 flats per hour—peak rates at 1800 to 2000—with a single operator.  

The EZ-Flats® Premium boasts a fully-automated labeling process, an automated conveyor system, patented Dynamic Sort ™ software to facilitate a more affordable, bundle-based sorting operation, and 8 automated pockets (expandable to 72).

EZ-Flats Premium full view.


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Cost Effective

Low entry cost and quick ROI.

Bar graph with three bars increasing in height topped with red and white stamps with money signs, flat icon.

Highest Profit Potential

Dynamically reassigns routing designations for the maximum discount.

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The system installs easily and operators are up to speed in 15 minutes.


Throughput: 1,500 flats/hour

Min/Max Weight: 0.33 oz. - 70 lb.

Piece Height: 0" - 4"

Piece Length: 6" - 15"

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

Label Application: Automatic

OCR: Yes