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The Champ™ Mailing Solution

Mixed-Weight Manifesting that Empowers Mailers

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Knock out your mail with The Champ Heavy Weight Mail Processor. With 30 years of mailroom experience, Engineering Innovation has developed an exclusive Smart Class Conversion system to take on mail of varying sizes and weights simultaneously. This allows your staff to uncover postage savings and simplify mail preparation for Commercial rates like champs.

The Champ’s unparalleled versatility makes it an ideal addition to any mailroom. It can be outfitted with any of Eii’s presort capabilities—First Class Flats & Parcels, Standard Class Flats & Parcels, BPM Flats and Parcels—as a stand-alone workstation or integrated with EZ-Flats or EZ-Parcels.

Cost Center Barcodes allow operators to keep swinging as they deal with departmental mail without having to stop mail processing.

Computer monitor with Super Champ software on the screen, a PC, keyboard, mouse, scale, ring scanner, and label printer


Package with a first place medal on it, flat icon.

Industry-Leading Software

Enables the handling of multiple types of mixed-weight mail simultaneously.

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Lowest Cost of Ownership

Eliminates wear and tear on mailing equipment with heavier mail and requires no expensive ink cartridges.

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Highest Profit Potential

Determine optimal postage discounts and quickly maximize postage savings.



Throughput: 350/hour

Min/Max Weight: 0.33 oz. - 70 lb.

Scanner: Handheld or Ring Scanner

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

Scale: Metler Toledo BC-30

Label Application: Manual

OCR: Yes

Printer: Zebra