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We continue to provide support after the sale to best ensure your success.

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We know our customers work on tight schedules and rely on being up and running at all times. We know that attention to detail is key to consistently providing our customers the best experience. Therefore, our product support is all about the details, with a dedicated, in-house support team, comprehensive warranties, and a variety of training options. 

Read on to discover what Eii does behind the scenes to help keep you on top of your game.

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Two Engineering Innovation hardware engineers standing near a machine and looking at the screen.


Eii offers an all-access customer support line from 8am-6pm (EST), Monday-Friday, as well as an emergency after-hours helpline, to keep you up and running at all times. The support team is comprised of both product specialists and general support agents who undergo weekly training to make sure all technicians are up to date on our products and procedures.

Call Center

Email & Support Ticket

Remote Access

Emergency Support

Knowledge Base


Warranties & Parts

You need parts to keep your process going, and you need a guarantee that those parts are high quality. All Eii solutions and most additional hardware comes with a basic 90-day warranty that covers the replacement of accidentally damaged or faulty parts. Eii also offers an extended warranty that lasts indefinitely and includes replacement of most hardware that takes damage due to standard wear and tear.

Now replacement parts keep your machines processing, but supplies like labels and rubber bands keep your process running. For your convenience, Eii provides most consumable parts needed for mail processing. See the Supplies page for more information.


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Extended Warranty Parts Replacement Program

Product Refurbishing and Upgrades

Spare Part Kits

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Customer support technician, Rebecca Irrgang, stands in front of a projector screen while leading a training session for Engineering Innovation employees.


Eii offers training services both onsite and remotely (at Eii), to get your operation up and running quickly. We offer machine operator training and maintenance training, so you can get the most out of your solutions and keep your equipment running smoothly.

Maintenance Training

Operator Training

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