Our History

Engineering Innovation is built upon 25 years of experience in the mail industry.  See how we have grown from a few founding members to a team of over 70 employees.

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M.A.I.L. Inc is Launched

Ron Robbins launched M.A.I.L. Inc. in Lafayette, Indiana in 1981. This group was tasked with creating software and hardware solutions for service bureaus on a national basis, and it evolved into a national powerhouse in the area of daily catalog fulfillment and processing operation.


MailCode Inc. Forms and Employs Purdue Engineering Students

MailCode Inc. arrived on the scene, employing local, highly-skilled Purdue University Engineering graduates. Their goal was to design cutting-edge, highly effective automated solutions to solve some of the most challenging mail processing problems. From this platform, industry-leading products such as the Olympus were created. As a true testament to their success, MailCode Inc. was acquired by a well-recognized Fortune 500 organization.


Differential Weighing

Ron Robbins and several individuals established Differential Weighing Inc. in 1997. From this company, “Differential weighing” was patented with the marketing tag line of “Why put mail pieces on a scale when you can just take them off?”.

Sept. 2006

Engineering Innovation Joins the Mail Industry

Engineering Innovation Inc. (EII) arrived on the mail industry scene. Engineering Innovation, Inc., a proud member of the M.A.I.L. Group, came to fruition as a by-product of industry demand for a flats processing solution. The EII team consisted of most of the same people who created the MailCode products. EII’s highly successful record of accomplishment under the M.A.I.L. Group organization has kept them busy and determined to create and develop "Best in Class" industry-changing products.

May 2007

Eii Releases the First EZ-Flats

Eii debuted the EZ-Flats Lite Machine (Essential Machine) and EZ-Flats Full Machine (Premium Machine) to the National Postal Forum.

Dec. 2007

Eii Releases Dynamic Sort

EII releases Dynamic Sort, an automated First Class mail preparation technique which finalizes the mailing in parallel with running a single pass on their EZ Flats system. The MLOCR-based EZ Flats solution produces a bundle-based automated First-Class mailing at only a fraction of the cost of traditional flats sorting machines.

Feb. 2009

Eii Campaigned a Protest Against Ending Bundle-Processing

After the USPS proposed in the Federal Register to cease Bundle-Based processing, EII began a campaign to distribute protest material to mailers. This material included sample letters and instructions on how to contact the USPS and congressional representatives with the goal of over-turning the proposal. Only a week before the deadline, EII contacted over 100 companies by phone and webinar to explain what the proposal was and ways to combat it.

April 2009

Eii Celebrates Victory for Bundle-Based Processing

USPS released information that Bundle-Based processing would continue. EII and mailers celebrated victory!

May 2009

Eii Re-introduces the Champ, a Table-Top Presorting Solution

Eii re-introduces the Champ, a table-top presorting solution.

June 2009

EZ- Confirm is Born

Confirmdelivery.com joined forces with EII to create a new entity, EZ-Confirm. The web-based application allowed business mailers to save postage, reduce overhead and enhance tracking capabilities on lightweight Accountable Mail. From streamlined addressing to precise tracking, EZ-Confirm facilitated the entire mailing process.

Quarter 4 2009

EII's customer base reaches 100!

April 2010

Eii introduces the EZ-Parcels and EZ-Letters at the National Postal Forum.


EZ-Letters facilitates processing in Vote-by-Mail shops.

March 2013

Eii introduces the EZ-WorkDesk as a solution for IMpb and parcel processing. EZ-WorkDesk is EII's smallest, most cost-efficient OCR platform yet.

March 2015

EII introduces the SuperChamp "to great fanfare!"  The SuperChamp combines the Champ with a ring-scanner for the ability to capture information quickly.  The ring-scanner proves to be an excellent addition to EII's OCR capabilities.

June 2015

Eii Moves Locations

Eii moves to a new location!  After several years of growth, Eii picked up and moved down the road.  The new office boasts several hundred square feet of both office and production space.  

April 2016

EZ-Parcels MPS, Modular Parcel Solutions, is introduced at the National Parcel Forum.

September 2016

Engineering Innovation celebrates its 10th Anniversary! The LightSort sort to light automated parcel sorter is introduced at the Parcel Forum.

May 2017

EZ-Parcels MPS is rebranded to the Chameleon™ Parcel-Processing Solution at the 2017 National Postal Forum.

Awarded the USPS Mailing Innovation and Digital Award at the National Postal Forum.

September 2017

Partner with Runbeck Election Services to launch AgilisDuo™ Tabletop ballot Sorting System.

November 2017

Awarded Patent for our revolutionary Dynamic Sort mail process.

December 2017

EZ-Flats™ Pro Parcel Manifesting System is Launched.

September 2018

Postal Steward™ eVS Solution is Launched.

Postal Steward™ a complete, fully integrated solution for creating and submitting eVS mailings to the USPS’s Parcel Data Exchange is launched.

November 2018

Eii expands its production area by 9,295 square feet!