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Chameleon® Parcel Processing Solution

Package Sorting Automation that Adapts to your Needs

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The Chameleon Parcel-Processing Solution provides modular, tracking savvy parcel automation for any space. Your growing parcel operation can get an affordable automation solution that can shift or change according to volume or market requirements.
Hence the name, this parcel-processing solution is fully adaptable to your changing environment and blends in to your personal landscape without causing a fuss. The modular design gives you customizable options including sorting, dimensioning, labeling, barcode reading, OCR reading, and RFID capabilities.
No longer will you have to consider changing your facility to accommodate other parcel options. All you need to do is sneak this little lizard into your operation and watch your parcel issues fade away. Just try not to bump into the Chameleon Parcel-Processing Solution after Engineering Innovation blends it seamlessly into your current configuration!

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Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution




Easily Adapted to space and workload requirements. 



Customize the features needed for your business and leave out unnecessary add-ons


Cost Effective

An affordable automated solution for rapidly growing parcel processing operations



Throughput: 1,000 - 4,500 parcels/hr

Min/Max Weight: 0.005 lb. - 70 lb.

Piece Height: 0.25" - 25"

Piece Length: 4" - 40"

Scanner: Linescan or Area Scan

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

Certifications: Legal for Trade Available

OCR: Yes