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Postal Steward™ eVS Solution

Bundling Parcel Tracking and Documentation.

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Take advantage of USPS's Electronic Verification System (eVS) with Eii's Postal Steward™ eVS Solution. This is a fully integrated system for creating and submitting eVS mailings to the USPS's PostalOne! for greater ease of control over paying for and documenting your high-volume mailings. As with all Eii products, Postal Steward users have access to the Eii customer service team, including the subscription for the after-hours help line. 

Postal Steward’s Secure Shipping Services File Generator

Postal Steward maintains data security using a secure job submission API, equipped with the industry standard OAuth 2.0 framework to control access to your information. Your data is submitted against USPS standards based on USPS Publications 199 and 205, validating your submitted data. Postal Steward also generates a complete SSF with H1, C1, and D1 record types for submitting your job to USPS's Parcel Data Exchange. 

Postal Steward Web Portal

The Postal Steward web portal gives you easy access for creating and managing your user accounts for each site, as well as giving you reports about your job data and status at the click of a button. From this portal, you can download the SSFs in PDF form for each mailing. 

Laptop with a browser open to the Postal Steward web portal dashboard.



The user-friendly Postal Steward web portal offers easy access to all SSF details

Status Updates

Get real time updates on the status of your shipments

Streamlined Process

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and organize all your electronic verification data


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