Streamline your Operations: Eii’s Automation Solutions                                       

Ever feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing mountain of packages and mail your business handles?  You’re not alone.  Manually sorting and processing items can be time-consuming and error prone.  At Engineering Innovation, Inc., we understand your challenges.  That’s why we offer a range of innovative automation solutions designed to transform your operations, boost efficiency, and free…

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Advancements in Barcode Scanning Technology                                       

boxes stacked in warehouse with many different labels

Introduction The e-commerce boom has fueled an unprecedented surge in parcel volume, demanding ever-increasing efficiency from logistics and fulfillment centers. At the heart of this efficiency lies the critical operation of parcel sorting.  Accurate and reliable identification of each package is essential to ensure it reaches its destination quickly and cost-effectively. This is where advancements…

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Sortation Systems 101

Matching Your Needs with the Perfect System The increasing demand for streamlined product movement has propelled sortation systems to the front of efficient operations across various industries. These automated marvels boost sorting processes, boosting throughput and accuracy while minimizing labor costs. However, navigating the diverse landscape of sortation solutions can be daunting. Worry not! This…

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The Future of Warehouse Automation

The warehouse landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Fueled by e-commerce growth, labor shortages, and an ever-competitive market, automation is rapidly becoming the key to success. But what exactly does the future hold for warehouse automation? By exploring key trends and referencing insights from Modern Materials Handling’s (MMH) 2024 Warehouse/DC Outlook survey, we can navigate…

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Streamlining Operations: Why Automated Sorting Matters for DCs and FCs

While the allure of cutting-edge automation captures headlines, the path to truly efficient and profitable parcel handling often lies in understanding the unsung heroes of warehouse management: sorting systems. For DCs, FCs, and mail houses poised for rapid parcel growth, March’s MODEX 2024 presents a unique opportunity to explore solutions beyond the obvious. This article…

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Overlabeled and Overwhelmed

When too much information is a bad thing, what should shippers do? The shipping and distribution industry is like a big puzzle where things are constantly moving, covering logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. Many people cooperate to ensure products seamlessly travel from the maker to their final stop without any issues. Getting packages to…

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Rise of Automation: Warehouse Automation Trends 2023

Robot and Human reach out like in the famous Sistine Chapel painting

Warehouse Automation Trends: How Automation is Increasing Efficiency and Speed The Changing Landscape for 3PLs The parcel industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, driven in large part by advancements in automation and technology. As e-commerce continues to grow and consumers expect faster and more convenient shipping options, companies are turning to technology to…

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ROI Boost: Save Money with Automated Parcel Operations

roi example

What is ROI and How Does it apply to Parcel Automation? Parcel automation is a key strategy for 3PL, distribution, and fulfillment centers to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Calculating parcel automation ROI is a quick and useful tool to check the efficacy of your efforts and see where to best spend your time and…

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Labor Shortage in the Parcel Industry

warehouse managers stand around conveyor belts

What the Labor Shortage Looks Like in 2023 and What You Can Do About It Overview of the Problem The surge in online shopping has led to a significant rise in package deliveries. While the need for workers rises the hiring pool stays stagnant. These jobs are commonly perceived as low-skilled, and other factors such…

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