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EZ-Confirm™ Certified Mail Solution

Simplify, Enhance, Expedite! Save Time and Money on Certified Mail.

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Do you have customers that prepare Certified Mail? When preparing labor and dealing with the high costs of Certified Mail, do they….

  • Buy expensive forms in an attempt to simplify the process?
  • Buy postage metering options that add marginal benefit?
  • Tough it out and manually fill out the front and back of Form 3800 and Form 3811 (Green Card)?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then EZ-Confirm is the solution for you!

EZ-Confirm gives businesses an easy, low cost alternative to Accountable Mail services (Certified MailTM, UPSTM, Fed Ex® and DHLTM).  Our patented technology offers the lowest cost option for proof of delivery in the mailing industry, either by proof of delivery or by signature.  Use EZ-Confirm to expedite both lightweight Accountable Mail and any item that needs tracking.  There are no forms, annual subscription fees, or binding long-term contracts to sign, and no hardware or software to purchase.

In addition, the EZ-Confirm Desktop Application enables print-to-mail for thousands of Accountable Mail pieces such as: class action lawsuits or county government notices for eminent domain or property assessments.

EZ-Confirm is ideal for all businesses requiring proof of mailing or delivery including industries like:

  • State and County Governments
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Collection Agencies
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Banks and Financial Services

Do you want a piece of their business?  Becoming an EZ-Confirm dealer will enable you to profit from the mail being sent by your customers while allowing them to save money.  With EZ-Confirm, everybody wins!

You have the customers.  We have the service.  Join us today and together we can make money!

EZ-Confirm, logotype.
A cardboard box filled with small, white, Styrofoam cubes and a large, white first-class envelope both labeled with an "EZ-Confirm" logo.


easily track mail with the ez confirm certified mail solution by engineering innovtionMultifaceted Tracking Capability

Complete report generation of all transactions by mailing date and delivery date, complete with a delivery status

download the ez confirm certified mail soultion as a desktop application with engineering innovationVersatile

Available as a downloadable web-based desktop application or as an online service

there are no long term contracts with engineering innovations ez confirm certified mail solutionSimplicity

No forms, no annual subscription fees, no binding long-term contracts to sign, and no hardware or software to purchase


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