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EZ-Letters™ Mail Sortation System

Optimize postage savings with mail sorting automation.

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Increase your postage savings with the multi-functional EZ-Letters at a fraction of the cost and size of other letter sorters. This solution has a very low cost of entry, quickest ROI, and has the lowest equipment footprint of any sorter on the market.

EZ-Letters has a throughput of 18,000 letters per hour and can handle metered mail, permit mail, and manifest mail. It features an OCR that can read letters for automation discounts while giving mailers the option to go for MADC through 5-Digit discounts selectively. The easily customizable Sort Editor facilitates making rapid changes or setting profiles for special projects.

Take care of all of your transactional, office, and promotional mail, as well as incoming mail, international mail, vote by mail, and even process reject mail from other sorting equipment with its best in class imaging/recognition capabilities.

Full view of the EZ-Letters machine with sorting stackers attached.


Ruler next to a blueprint of a machine, flat icon.

Small Footprint

Allows for seamless integration into existing mail and postal operations.

Piggy bank with several golden coins, flat icon.

Cost Effective

All the capabilities of larger letter sorters at a fraction of the cost.

Two Polaroids of parcels with barcodes, flat icon.

Best-of-Class Imaging

Available with Parascript™ OCR and optional RAF Platinum™ OCR.


Throughput: 10,000 - 18,000/hour

Footprint Dimensions: 3' - 5'

Piece Length: 13"

Scanner: WABCR

Barcode Type: 1D or 2D

Certifications: SGS

Label Application: Automatic

OCR: Yes