Updating Billing For The April 10 Rate Case

WHOA! Another rate case already?

Get ready for an unprecedented roll back!

The April 10th Rate Case is approaching and we want you to be prepared for the change.

All billing prior to January 16, 2016 needs to be completed prior to April 4th.    A new patch will be rolled out the week of April 4th.  The EII Software can only support ONE rate case in arrears.  EII is recommending that all billing prior tp January 16, 2016 be completed by April 4th.  Billing after January 16, 2016 will not be affected by this update.

The April 10th rate case update will be pushed to all customers the week of April 4th.  It is not necessary to call and schedule a time for this update.  It will be automatic with KACE.  The rates will become active with the rate case on April 10th.  They will download prior to this date so they can activate on April 10th.

We hope this information helps you to prepare for the upcoming rate case.

Rate case pricing can be found:  http://pe.usps.com