Dimensioning with LMI Technology

A Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution, similar to that used in the Case Study.

Sizing It Up

To ensure timely delivery, packages must be quickly processed. Dimensioning on-the-fly, as parcels move across conveyors, help improve delivery times and lower shipping costs. Precise measurement data must be captured to fully benefit shippers. Through efforts shared between Engineering Innovation and LMI Technologies, a provider of 3D sensor technology, we’ve created a solution that reliably captures dimensions while packages are in motion.

Our Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution is able to handle between 1,200 and 4,000 pieces per hour. To ensure the process is reliable and efficient, the Chameleon utilizes a LMI Gocator 2180 3D Laser Line Profile Sensor to measure needed dimensions. Collaboratively, LMI Technology has published a case study based on the Chameleon’s use in the field with their sensor.

How Measurements Impact Costs

Piece measurements can drastically affect shipping costs. When the measurements for multiple packages are incorrect, thousands can be overpaid. Manual processing is often inaccurate, and human error gets in the way of cost-effective, affordable shipping. Dimensional weight is not how heavy an item is, but instead how much space it uses. The length, width, and height of a package is multiplied and then divided by the DIM divisor determined by the carrier.

The three measurements are all essential in correct pricing for parcels. Choosing the correct packaging is also important. Additional surcharges will be levied for any item that is oversized or requires special handling. Carriers will also add surcharges if the given measurements are missing or incorrect.  Discrepancies can inadvertently cost shippers, change available space on delivery vehicles, and more.

See It In Action

Using LMI’s Gocator sensor, the dimension accuracy is increased over manual processing. Assuring piece dimensions are correct within 0.25 of an inch gives accurate piece data, so shippers and carriers are given the best possible margin on shipping. See the below video for how we partnered together to create this solution.

A written copy of the Case Study is available here, detailing in depth the methodology and information collected.

The LMI Technologies case study will also be available for subscribers or those interested through the International Process Engineer magazine, hosted by EngineerLive.

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