Full Service/Umove Postage Assessments To Begin In July 2016

Pritha Mehra reported at the November MTAC (Mailers Technical Advisory Committee) meeting that effective July 2016, mailers that fail to meet the established standards on Full-Service Intelligent Mail, Move/Update, eInduction, and Seamless Acceptance may be subject to a postage assessment.  This is part of the USPS’ five key initiatives which include streamlining acceptance, induction, and verification of commercial mailings.  Mailers are encouraged to carefully review their Mailer Scorecards to be certain that they are performing within the established standards, well before July 2016.


At EII, we are here to help, if any of our clients find that they are below any of the established thresholds.  Please call 765-250-4104 to learn more about what to look for and to be confident that you’re well prepared for the inevitable implementation of postage assessments.