Chameleon™ Parcel Processing Solution

Package sorting automation that adapts to your needs

Engineering Innovation’s Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution offers intelligent automation to streamline the sorting process. With easy operator workflow, the Chameleon Solution offers a way to gather difficult and hard-to-track data for integration with existing logistics. This means it can scan, weigh, dimension, and label on the fly to seamlessly blend in with current business logic. Due to its modular platform, the Chameleon is adaptable and scalable for any need – keeping your operation up and running reliably. Automate your parcel needs with the Chameleon, affordably and quickly.

Chameleon Demo Video

See the Chameleon Processing Solution in action to find out how you can grow your business by streamlining your operation.

Two packages with barcodes, flat icon.


Easily adapted to space
and workload requirements.

Green puzzle piece, flat icon.


Customize the features needed
for your business and leave
out unnecessary add-ons.

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Cost Effective

An affordable, automated
solution for rapidly growing
parcel processing operations.

Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution

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