Celebrating 15 years of Eii

Engineering Innovation is proud to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary on September 12th, 2021. Since our founding in 2006, we’ve constantly found a way to improve and innovate the parcel and postal industries with our solutions.

Engineering Innovation’s headquarters on Sagamore Parkway in Lafayette, Indiana.

Our Origin Story

Originally created by Ron Robbins in 1981, M.A.I.L. Inc operated in the Lafayette, Indiana area for over 20 years before Engineering Innovation was founded. Robbins and his team worked to create software and hardware that assisted in catalog fulfillment and processing operations. He created a series of companies with those around him, eventually forming MailCode Inc in 1989. Many of those who created and designed products for MailCode became the basis of an early Engineering Innovation Inc. The Lafayette-based MailCode was acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2001, prompting a long-term shift in locations from Indiana to Connecticut. This large move provoked two engineers to create their own company. Not wanting to relocate, they chose to put their years of experience into an industry they were already familiar with.

(Left to Right) Fleming, Caddy, and Pedigo.

Established by owners Don Caddy, Adam Fleming, and later joined by Aaron Pedigo, Eii originally joined as one of Robbins’ M.A.I.L. Group companies. Created to help customers achieve cheaper First-Class flats postage rates, Eii has consistently worked towards providing discounts through automation and pre-sort or bundle-based pricing.

Since Our Inception

Notable milestones include releasing products such as the EZ-Flats Manifesting System with Dynamic Sort in 2007, fighting for Bundle-Based processing discounts, and welcoming ConfirmDelivery Certified Mail program to the team in 2016.  We’ve moved and expanded our production facilities, partnered with Runbeck Election Services to provide vote-by-mail capability, created efficient OCR platforms, and launched our Chameleon and LightSort Parcel Solutions.  Eii went on to win the USPS Mailing Innovation and Digital Award for the Great Lakes Area for our LightSort Sort-to-Light in 2017 at the National Postal Forum.

To Many More Years

After all these years we’re still offering top-level automation solutions that help any business keep up with demands. However, our philosophy has not changed since our founding. We do not offer products, only solutions. Alongside our solutions is a team that will gladly support and guide you throughout the entire process. At Eii, we are experts. Not only are we dedicated to providing custom-fit solutions that meet the needs of any size business, but we also pride ourselves on creating an environment that supports the growth and success of our employees.

Expanding from 6 employees to over 70, we’ve grown and adapted, and are ready to help you do the same. With over a thousand machines in the field, and over 300 sites with Eii equipment, including machines outside of the US – Eii has the expertise and experience to help build an ideal solution for you. As the industry grows and changes, we are dedicated to providing solutions that stay up with the times. Moving towards designing parcel technology for Third-Party Logistics Centers or eCommerce Distribution Centers, we are helping create solutions to problems that are just now arising. Automation is constantly growing and changing, with solutions becoming more and more practical and affordable.