Engineering Innovation is unveiling the LightSort Gaylord Rack at NPF 2022


Engineering Innovation is unveiling the LightSort Gaylord Rack at NPF 2022

LAFAYETTE, IN (April 22, 2022) Engineering Innovation Inc. (Eii) will be displaying the new LightSort Gaylord Rack at the National Postal Forum in Phoenix, Arizona from May 15th to 17th. This new solution will be displayed at the Eii booth, number 501, throughout the duration of the exhibit hours.

Based upon the popular LightSort Technology, this solution offers affordable parcel automation for sorting to a wide variety of large containers, including gaylords and other pallet-sized options. Bulk sort with ease and reduce overall time spent looking for the right spot. The LightSort Gaylord Rack is ideal for large scale sorting and delivery operations such as parcel returns or high quantity intake sorting.

With the ability to join multiple racks together, entire systems of LightSort Gaylord Racks can create a connected system of sort locations. The LightSort Gaylord, utilizing the LightSort Technology platform, can integrate into existing business logic – powered by a touchscreen controller. View the total number of pieces scanned, analyze the PPH, set up multiple operator profiles, and pair several ring scanners at a time – all through the touchscreen controller’s easy –to-use UI.

Engineering Innovation’s LightSort Technology aids the sorting process. Scan each piece’s barcode with a wireless ring scanner to illuminate the correct location needed. Multiple operators can use the system at a time, as the technology can illuminate multiple colors on one rack for easier workflow. Eii’s various LightSort solutions provide affordable, custom automation solutions with various configurations for any application.

For more detailed information, please check out the official flyer or visit the Engineering Innovation booth at the 2022 National Postal Forum in Phoenix.

Join us at NPF

For those interested in attending the National Postal Forum this year, make sure to register online at We are offering a free one-day exhibit hall pass, for all customers and interested parties! During the show, you may purchase additional exhibit hall passes for $50 each. For details on how to redeem your pass, please review the linked form.

A taste of what to expect at NPF. This is our display from MODEX 2022.

Similar to our MODEX setup, you can expect to see our racing simulators. Additionally, we are bringing our Chameleon interactive display wall, LightSort Sort-To-Light, friendly team members, and the new LightSort Gaylord Rack. Each solution will have demonstrations available, including an interactive visual experience for the Chameleon Parcel Processing Solution.

See if you can set the top lap times, and learn how automation can put you in the winners circle!