Automatic Decision Making Solutions

Eii Provides cost-effective solutions for facilitating package data collection into your business systems.

Engineering Innovation helps you capture what you don’t know, combine it with what you do know, and create intelligent automated decisions to Receive, Store, Ship and Deliver goods. Eliminating issues that arise because data systems don’t talk to each other, Eii organizes complex business logic into simple operator workflow.

Package with a barcode and magnifying glass, flat icon.


Capture information from
the physical package.

Box on a conveyor belt, flat icon.


Communicate captured
information with your data systems
and business rules.

Large box on a red delivery truck, flat icon.


Execute decisions made in
your business logic.

Eii-Commerce Solutions

Eii provides solutions that apply technology, software, and hardware to your workflow to facilitate workflow efficiency from induction to delivery. Our products make it easy to act on the information you capture so you can respond precisely to your customers and the market.

Parcel on a path of arrows leading to a door. The arrows are labeled Receiving, Storing, Shipping, and Delivery. Illustration.

Rapid Parcel Processor

Rapid Parcel Processing - Capture, Decide, Act!



Automate Your Technology for Shipping & Fulfillment, Can you see the Light?


Parcel-Processing Solution

Parcel-Processing Automation that Adapts to Your Needs


Manifesting System

Earning the Maximum Discounts on First Class Flats